16 millions tyres from OPONEO

travel around the world

OPONEO’s modern logistics centre allows to send daily

even up 35.000 tyres to individual customers

OPONEO operates on own solution

in the area of IT department

Current Reports

Current informations about OPONEO.PL S.A. published through ESPI (Polish stock exchange information system)

Report no 4/2020 2020-01-21

Notification of the change of share in the overall number of votes at the Company's General Meeting to less than 15%

Report no 3/2020 2020-01-14

Merger of OPONEO.PL S.A. and OPONEO BRANDHOUSE Sp. z o.o. registered by the Registry Court

Report no 2/2020 2020-01-08

Dates of publication of periodic reports in 2020

Report no 1/2020 2020-01-07

The Company’s net sales revenues in December 2019

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